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Thread: DIS Module Bad Again?

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    DIS Module Bad Again?

    Still struggling with this one, I get no spark out of coil pack, when engine is cranking via key in START position, however, I do get plenty of spark when key is dropped back to RUN, DIS module is new, but car hit a deer and damaged battery and starter relay, radiator, etc. Didn't physically damage DIS, but per electrical diagrams, DIS has a special input R/LB wire at which shows voltage as it should, when key is in START position. I think that in that there is spark, in RUN position, coil pack, Cam and Crank sensors must be good? Seems to be only part that will effect spark differently if in START versus RUN. 12 volts is always at input of coil pack, does anyone know what outputs of DIS during start should be toward coil pack input, I get no DC voltage here, while cranking. Any comments from the gang? Hate to buy a second DIS module, if not needed, just got this one last month...

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    take it to murrays or someplace they test them for free if that will tell u if thats it

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    Where's Murrays?

    I'm in the Boston area..Thanks.

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    this may sound stupid but check the wiring for loose conections and check ignition switch, mine did this a yr ago I could crank it no start let off key fast and it would startit was the ingition switch mounted under steering colume.
    it was bad did not make connection when cranking.

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