I have a bumper cover off of a '91 SC that has the famous "SC" in it. The car that it was off of was in an accident so there is "a" (1) broken tab. and missing paint on the pass side. There is nothing wrong with the bumper except for the above mentioned. There is no creases no chunks missing and it has the side marker lights.

The Ground effects were off of the same car and are in typical condition. A scuff mark from a shoe here or there and some scrapes on the bottom side from speed bumps but are in likewise good contion. These can be cleaned and installed to look good out of the box.

SC bumper - i was looking to get around $100 plus shipping and im not sure with the GFX but i think i can make a deal for $220 shipped for all of them. No hardware included nore do i have any. Thanks


blue... they are all dark blue