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Thread: Nitrostang Racing Car Show

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    Nitrostang Racing Car Show

    Date will be Saturday January 22 at Clamsters in Deerfield Beach.

    Budweiser and Jaegermeister Girls .

    Clamsters will be donating promotional items from there Distributors hopefully.

    Free Drink cards

    1.00 Miller Light Drafts
    Hourly Bartender Call Shot Specials
    2.00 Domestic Bottles and
    10.00 Buckets

    Clamsters will be giving us 20% off card for all in the car show.

    Tentative companies with donated prizes. Prizes will be based on a Raffle. All proceeds will be donated to a local Charity.

    6 Quarts 5w30 Amsoil
    Metco Motorsports
    Pro Motion Powertrain
    SPEC Clutch
    Razors Edge Motorsports
    PDQ Performance Products
    Mustang Specialties------Dyno Session
    MotorHead City T shirt with winners car on it. Hat or hats
    MotorHead City 25 % Discount to below link
    Some small misc things form 2 of my performance warehouses.

    Grand Prize at this point looks like a Magnaflow Stainless Steel Cat Back system.

    There will be a 2.00 entry fee for the show. Entry fee will entitle you to a discount card for Clamsters (food Only)
    All above prizes to be raffled off. Raffles will be 1.00 each or 6 for 5.00.

    All proceeds will be donated to charity.

    Starting time is 5:00 PM. Bring all of your cars out. We don't care Ford, Chevy, Honda, etc. Bring them all.

    There will be awards given for car show participants also so make them look good that night.

    Any questions call 954-973-NTRO (6876)

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    It would be helpfull if a city and state are listed for this event and for it to be in the events forum instead of no tech.


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    Paul - It said Deerfield Beach ... And the area code is 954 .... Revered it as & it's Florida. But, a different forum would be best.


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    Deerfeild Beach is in the Boca Raton area of South Florida incase anyone is planning to go. A little too far for me to make it.

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    Damn I wish it was closer to me otherwise I would go. I was really looking foward to seeing the Budweiser and Jaegermeister Girls.


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