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    Ryan A. Harris

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    I purchased a 5% overdrive Jackshaft pulley from Ryan. He did an amazing job of keeping good communication with me and the part was in my hands shortly after the money arrived at his door. A pleasure to do business with.

    Here is a link to his member page. He's always been quick to respond to questions.
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    I also got a 5% JS pulley from Ryan. He went out of his way to help me with my project and HIGHLY recommend him to others ! ! ! Thanks Again Ryan ! Austin

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    I'll agree with this

    I had posted a good sellers post yesterday and I guess I did something wrong, but I got fast service, and accurate descriptions as well.

    Thank you

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    Highly recommended!
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    Highly Recommended

    I bought a 10% SC pulley from Ryan, Awesome guy to deal with and high quality products, Highly Recommended


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    He had some leather seats for sale, I inquired and he was always prompt with replies.

    Products were exactly as shown for a fair price.

    He also offered me some great advice on my projects.

    A+++++ Seller!

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