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Thread: I feel like im in for trouble but...

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    I feel like im in for trouble but...

    After a week of debating I bought a Black on Gray leather 94 SC auto with 127k I found in a yard for $500 towed to my storage. The engine was all there so it peaked my interest after I originally was just gonna buy the rear bumper. It was a runner about 2 weeks ago till it got hauled in for a hit in the rear drivers side, but the frame sustained no damage. Its missing a hood so I used it as an excuse to pick up a cervinis hood for $200 already black. Its going to be getting 97 lights since the header panel is cracked and the lights are yellowed to all hell, and I just happen to already have a 97 header panel on hand. I brought my friend who owns a body shop to look at it and he said the damage is nothing he is just gonna replace it with a full rear 1/4 off a parts car. I have wanted one of these since i was in high school but they were like 12k then and since i have had my LX i always drooled when i saw a 94-95 SC on the road now I have one but i gotta put some blood, sweat and tears into her but at least i got her

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    Good to hear about.. a SC being saved from the crows ...a rare 94 to boot ...
    and if a good working one will do more than drool Driver beware ..blower wine and boost are highly addictive... use with caution ....dave

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    post some pictures

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