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Thread: Looking for any year super coupe any condition

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    Looking for any year super coupe any condition

    i am looking to trade my awsome condition yz250 1987 plus a little cash, or my 1983 rx7 which is heavily modified, email me for pics, will also pay cash, thanks, i am in kelowna bc but will travel to pick it up

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    Talking Ummmmmmmmmm

    I have an 89, with heavily modified (but not running now, as I think I cooked a piston) motor, and remanned m5r2 (not blown), 9 grand. Without the motor and tranny 500 bucks. Body and interior are not too bad, but nowhere near perfect. PLEASE come and get it, I want a 35th.

    If you want it with the motor, it has the following:

    Punched .030 over decked block and milled heads and a 3 angle valve job.
    ENTIRE motor was rebuilt with BRAND NEW parts (pistons, bearings, lifters, camshaft, alternator, timing chain, water pump, ALL sensors, hoses, and belts, COMPLETE FEL-PRO gasket kit)
    ARP rod bolts
    ARP head studs
    ARP main studs
    SCP 3 piece underdrive pulley set
    8.5mm magnacore wires
    Autolite platinum spark plugs
    SCP CAI w/ 9" k&n
    76mm MAF
    MP 85mm TB
    MP inlet plenum
    MP Magnaport II 2nd gen blower w/ 5% pulley
    SCP 3/4" raised top
    38 lb/hr injectors
    255 lph Walbro fuel pump
    Remanned M5R2
    BHJ billet balancer
    Spec Stage III clutch
    Custom headers w/ 1 7/8" primaries and 3" collectors
    Big Dog Exhaust no cats or resonator, just dynamax muffs
    Brand new rack
    Brand new control arms (upper & lower front only)
    Brand new wheel bearings (all 4)
    re-Cored rad w/ brand new fan
    Permacool I/C Fan
    3/4 inch eibach drop springs
    Faze boost and 2 A/F ratio gauges (one for each bank) in A pillar pods
    Ran 12.768 @ 110 mph at a Tampa race track on a hot day

    I'm sure there is a bunch more $h!t that I forgot to mention, but you get the general idea

    Offers up, that goes for everyone

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    Got one and it's in very good condition.I'm in Richmond BC.

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    I've got one.

    Check my reply to the previous post,lookin for a SC with blown motor. You can have it for 3000$ firm. The new parts alone are worth it not to mention the condition of the car. Later.

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