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Thread: Information on SC vs. SHO seats.

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    Information on SC vs. SHO seats.

    anything not mentioned assume they are the same.

    SHO seat does not fold forward.
    SHO seat is longer in the sitting area by a good 1 to 1.5 inches. this difference is made up in where the back of the seat attaches to the bottom of the seat. It appears you could convert the seats either way with just a pair of brackets.

    this is comparing 90 SC seats with 90 SHO seats.

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    Thumbs up Info about SC seats

    After I replaced my LX seats in my '91 with SC seats I took off the upholstery from one of the LX seats to get the plastic headrest brackets off and there was a sticker on the frame that said Taurus, so I believe you are correct that they will interchange.
    Mike Donley

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