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Thread: A few PERFORMANCE parts

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    A few PERFORMANCE parts

    I have a few things up for grabs:

    3-piece ASP Underdrive Pulley set....Work great, but didn't look pretty enough for me. The water pump pulley would need painted for the set to look good. How about $100 shipped. SOLD

    Ported stock exhaust manifolds from a '91 SC. These are non-egr. They were ported by Wynn in Texas. The coating is coming off them, but otherwise they are nice. $100 shipped.

    I also have (2) 2.75" silicone hose connectors. They are black, but orange inside. They came from the MP FMIC kit. They're about 4 in. long. Make offer. SOLD

    I also have the adaptor from the MP FMIC kit that connects the intake plenum to the lower IC tube. This would be perfect for a custom intercooler project. How about $20 shipped. SOLD

    If anyone needs pics let me know. Don't reply here, but email me at [email protected]

    Manifolds are still available...I also have a Dayco Poly-Cog serpentine belt for an SC. I had this on the car and had it running slightly, but the car wasn't moved, so it has no miles on it. I also have a 190lph fuel pump....I just have the pump, not the kit. I have a 2 1/16" Nordskog digital Air/Fuel ratio gauge. I also have a lot of odds and ends pieces from these if you need anything email me at the address above.
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    intake adapter

    will take it,consider sold.

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    Sc Parts


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    Any pics of the pulley set?

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