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Thread: M90 Vacuum Ports, what do they connect to (pics inside)

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    M90 Vacuum Ports, what do they connect to (pics inside)

    Image 1 : This is the side that i assume sees CONSTANT vacuum.

    Image 2 : This side sees both Vaccuum at part throttle and positive boost pressure during full throttle acceleration right?

    I am not sure where all these ports are connected.

    Fuel Pressure Regulator? Egr Valve, Boost Gauge, etc etc etc

    Can anyone offer any insight?

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    i just went and looked at mine and i will start with the one closest to the throttle body. that connescts to your main vacuum tree oon the firewall. the one with the black rubber connects to your pcv valve. thats about all i can help you with beccouse i have a t connector on the one on top of the tube that goes into the motor. just thought i would help with what i could. Bill

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    vacume lines

    here is what I know the small one is acessories vacume the down curved with hose is pcv the upper one is cross talk tube mine dont have egr so I dont know the others early sc had egr I think
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