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Thread: Woohoo! Bought a SC...Couple ?'s...

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    Woohoo! Bought a SC...Couple ?'s...

    Hey guys! This past weekend, I picked up a 94 5 speed SC with only 31000 miles! I absolutely love it! As far as I can tell, it has all options except a spoiler and a CD player. I was breezing through my owners manual, and noticed that a single CD/Tape combo was available as an option. Does this unit work with the JBL sound system? I'm assuming it does, but if not, do all cars come with a wiring harness for a CD changer? I would really rather just get the single CD/Tape head unit (anyone have one for sale?), but if I dont have to wire anything, a CD changer would be nice too. Finally, i also want to fill in the "Thunderbird SC" on the back bumber. Does anyone sell this lettering? Thanks!

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    With your radio, just replace the head unit with a radio/cd combo. I've got a pioneer unit in my car with the JBL. They make adapters for the wiring harness.

    Decals can be had from one of two people that I'm aware of.

    Todd Jelle


    Bob White

    Both are known to do a good job.

    And here is the thread where it was discussed before: Decal Thread

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    There was no tape/cd indash combo availible in 1994+ model Thunderbirds. The only possible way to have a tape AND cd was with a indash tape player linked to a disc changer located in the trunk. Unless you really want to remove your indicator lamp module, then maybe with some rewiring you may possibly be able to insert a cd player in this location. If you do choose to do this you will have to locate a cd player from a 2nd gen Taurus as it will be compatible with the 1994+ oem stereo.

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    oops....I didn't realize it was a 94+....oh well.

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