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Thread: My License Plate FELL OFF!

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    Red face My License Plate FELL OFF!

    Haha, yes its true and all it did was add to my fustration on saturday night.

    Cruisin up to the bowling alley to meet my girl and a a couple of her friends, i met a couple of my friends at a light just before I-78 in Pa. We exchange heys, hi-s and hows it goings and then being me, i go to show off. I lay into it at about 3k in 1st and all the XR does is hop (i think the reason). Finally i reach the time to grab 2nd gear and i do. I hear a "wooosh/metal" sound. Well, i slow down a little bit to say bye to the guys and they bust out laughing. They tell me that my plate fell off!?!? Damnit. So i get off at the next exit turn around and proceed to look for it. I can't find it until... i hear it being run over and flipped in the air and smacking the ground.

    Now the plate is sitting in my rear window until i get the clips for the brakelight bar. The little beige clips are what actually broke from the wheel hop. The screw are still attached to the clips, but the clips only have one side of the clip on it. Traffic also broke my license plate cover

    Registration for sticker and plate $36.00
    Smoked License plate cover $3.50
    The look on your buddies face after your plate falls off on the Interstate....

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    Hey getblown, it looks like your license plate gotblown off.

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    xThunderbirdSCx Guest

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    damn this is an old thread, u thread digger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xThunderbirdSCx

    he musta been bored


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