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Thread: Lowering Springs

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    Lowering Springs

    I'm looking to lower my SC and would like to buy an Eibach pro lowering kit.
    If anyone has one or anything like it that I could get ahold of to lower my car let me know. I would need the whole assembly that is required for the lowering. 1.5 inches but anything lower would be better if possible. Thanks

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    Check ebay. I saw some under either thunderbird sc or thunderbird supercoupe. Rick

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    I have what you need

    I have a set of eibach pro kit springs off my 1990 s/c. They are in great condition. I blew the motor and parted the car out 5 years ago. The springs have been siting boxed up waiting to be sold. I can give a great price on them since I have no need for them. They give a solid 1.5 drop and a big increase in cornering and style.

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