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    Billet Products

    As some of you know, Heartland Fabrication is wanting to jump into the SC market with a whole line of billet products for us. They are looking to make window switches, ARC covers, billet fuel doors, door sills, oil caps, brake reservoir caps, alternator bracket, shift handles, pulleys and so on. Anything can be laser engraved for a factory look.

    So, I'm looking for anyone who would like to donate some parts to be made. They are offering a quick turn around time so I would like to get as many parts as I can to them quickly.

    For a quick turn around, does anyone have the following:

    • ARC Covers Donated
    • Early Model interior pieces (window switches, A/C controls..) Donated
    • Late Model interior pieces (window switches, A/C controls..)
    • Factory Pulleys (billet stock and underdrive will be make) Donated
    • Alternator Bracket (lightweight billet bracket)
    • Thermostat Housing (stock billet replacement) Donated

    If you would like anything else made, please send the part to me. Please PM me for my mailing address.
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    I'd be very intersted in the door sill plates. I can bring down a set of those and the ARC covers when I stop by in a few weeks if you would like.


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    How about something on the larger side? Like a stock Rim? ... In a 17-18" mold. .. Now that is something that would surely sell. .. Ask them about that. Polished or chromed would be a really cool way to go.


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    That would be great. I would take those ARC covers quicker if you don't mind sending them. You can bring the door sill plates later since shipping those would require a special box.


    They make custom CNC machined billet motorcycle wheels so it could be done but I doubt if anyone would want to pay the price. They are not opposed to doing it, but I'm sure something like that would require a buy in of 5 or more people.
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