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Thread: new owner roy's SC 91

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    new owner roy's SC 91

    sorry i posted this in anther thread it belongs here, sorry. so so excited

    Hi everyone.
    Last week I test-drove this 91 black SC, and feel in love with it. During the test drive the owner said I couldn’t buy the car right away because he lost the title. The car drove great, no sounds, and the AC even worked.
    One week later he called and said I have the title. Well I went running and bought the car for $500.00 body is mint! The cover over the dashboard needs to be replaced, and have to update the alarm.
    Now the but, when I drove it home with out plates, it was making a ting sound from under it? Also when I was driving at 5mph the car stopped not the engine but the transmission. I put it in neutral raced the engine and put it in drive and off it went? Could it be that the car sat for 3 months before I test-drove it?
    A very happy sc owner

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    Talking update

    hi everyone

    Well into one week with my second love, the sc. Ran the car to the auto center, turns out I need all new belts, and brakes and rotors all away around. Also there is a Klink under the car some times. Hope that’s just the sway bar bushing. The car did break down wouldn’t start. Put in a new battery, started great, but later on it wouldn’t start again till it was hit with a hammer. (Starter) So Monday it goes in for belts, brakes, and starter, and hopeful they can find the noise.
    Had my old stereo put back into the car with a kicker box, man does it sound awesome. Still can’t get over the power this car has!

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    Thumbs up

    Congrats on the new purchase and welcome to the club! is it a manual or auto? any plans for it now that you have it? I'm not sure what the noise could be coming from but perhaps you might get some help if you posted the the problem in the technical forum...everyone around here is usually really helpful around here when it comes to addressing problems with these cars. congrats again!

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    Hi pomo35th
    Well the car went in today, at 9 am. Had to call in and tell the boss the car wouldn’t start and it really wouldn’t. Got under the car and hit the starter with a hammer. It started right up. Got the car to the repair shop, like a proud father I talked to the other people there!
    Fred put the car on the lift and this is what he found out
    The gas tank had a hole in it.
    The control arm bushing where really bad, I mean bad!
    The rack and pinion steering had to be replaced
    The fan belt where all most gone
    New hoses, and thermostat
    Grease and oil change
    New starter
    I just got a call from him 8 PM, the fan isn’t coming on and the car is close to over heating, so he can’t give me the car back till that is fixed. He jumped the rad. Fan it I turns on.
    What’s left is the driver’s side strut is slowly going, and the tranny kind of shifts funny, but still is very strong. I have to find a clip that connects the wires to the AC compressor. Any ideas?
    Oh its an auto.

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