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Thread: 89-92 ABS relay part numbers

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    Exclamation 89-92 ABS relay part numbers

    For Rocco, and anybody else who cares, here are the Ford part numbers for the two relays used on the Teves 1989-1992 systems.

    The ABS power relay, which will probably have an original stamping of something like E3TB 13A025 A1A, the replacement number has changed a few times ... it's now F8PZ 14N135 CA, which will probably look slightly different than the original, and the dealer will sell it under a Motorcraft #, DY-866. A DY-864 could be used as well. The other relay is the ABS pump motor relay, right beside the other I believe, a brown and black relay, should be stamped something like E7LB 8Z658 AA, replacement number is E7LY 8Z658 A, and if the dealer soesn't have that on the shelf, a DY-865 can be used in it's place.

    Ed N.
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    thanx for the part numbers ed!!!!!!!!!

    and ill be at the shop at about 10-1030 am on tuesday

    Ill see ya then!!!!!!

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