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Thread: 5spd stuck in reverse - I LOVE THESE CARS

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    Red face 5spd stuck in reverse - I LOVE THESE CARS

    Well, it's about time sumthin' finally went wrong with this car. Was backin' my '94 5spd out to make room in front of the shop and went for 1st and eased the clutch out and she wouldn't move.


    Pulled it outa 1st and put it back in and still wouldn't move. Left it in nuetral to give my leg a break for a sec and eased out on the clutch and she started backin' up. Bummer...went for any other gear know the rest. Couldn't get 3rd or 4th, would only slide into the 1st or 2nd slot but of course stayed locked up. Knew better than to push my luck so I shut her off and got G-man to flag traffic for me as I backed out in the street and did a u-turn in reverse out into the street and then back into the lot.

    Backed her into the shop and shut the engine off, grabbed some tools and pulled the passenger seat and went to work on removin' the console. Got the console & shifter out, shifter is in fantastic shape by the way and then closed her up for the evenin'.

    Got the tractor and went out back in the graveyard and latched onto an early 5spd car and towed it into the mechanic shop on the other end of the building and began the process of pullin' the engine and tranny. The plan as of right now is to use the early model in my '94 while her trans is down.

    She's stuck in reverse right now, will go into 1st/reverse or 2nd/reverse (but of course locks up). Can't get into the 3rd or 4th slots. Think the keyway on the 5th/reverse fork sheared?

    Just got in from pullin' the early setup, I'm beat and a lil ruff around the edges but I still really do love these cars.



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    Hey Wynn, It might just be your shift forks but im not sure if they can be removed while the trans is in the car. You have torches dont you?
    You also might be able to use the ealy shift forks on the later trans.
    The only other thing would be bad synchros-blockers. Im sure you will figure a way to make those too if I know you Mark J.
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