After looking up a CARFAX report on my 90SC, I also looked up all the TSB's. Please keep in mind that most, if not all of these TSB's are really nothing to be concerned about, it's just to give you an idea of the problems Ford saw fit to address. It may help with an existing problem though. I'm posting it just as nothing more than "food for thought." The page takes a while to load also, so be patient if you're interested in reading them as there are 373 TSB's! You might also want to keep in mind that this high number is not unusual in TSB's for a new car (these are mostly issued within the first couple of years, and during production of the vehicle). Click HERE for the TSB page on the 1990 Thunderbird SC.
Good luck with your new Super Coupe or Cougar XR-7
PS-It's a very excitable time to own your first SC.....makes me enviuos!!