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Thread: 90 Cougar wiper wiring meltdown

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    Angry 90 Cougar wiper wiring meltdown

    My 90 Cougar SC has wiring problems with the wiper motor, switch, internal governor. I have searched the library for books with wiring diagrams, but none show the internals for the switch or internal governor.

    Does anyone have a EVTM for an 89-90 that could send me the details of the internal circuits? A drawing would be great. If possible, add the How it works description???


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    What's up????

    Can somebody with an EVTM that has a digital camera send me a PM with a picture of the page for a wiper/washer drawing or the opertion description??

    Thanks for any help you can give me...

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    Send me a fax number and I'll fax you what I've got.....

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