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Thread: 90 SC Auto shift problems please help

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    90 SC Auto shift problems please help

    Hello, everyone.

    A friend and neighbor of mine just bought a 35th SC a few weeks ago. This last week, he was exiting a freeway and the transmission would not shift out of overdrive. He says he can only start the car in neutral, if you put it in reverse after starting it will die, and there was some kind of knocking noise under the car at the first. Is this an electronic control sensor issue or what could this be? There wasn't any slippage of the transmission, just problems of what gear it would go in. I'd appreciate any help you can give him. Please email me at [email protected] or post here. If he has to, he can get a rebuilt tranny for it but if this is just a sensor or electrical problem, we could handle that. Thanks and my best to all.

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    Well as far as an electronic problem its a remote possibility I think. The 93 has an AOD not the AODE (E=electronicly controled) so his shift problems may be due to a vacume problem. Pray for a vacume problem and not something internal. I just had my trans rebuilt in my 90 XR7. It cost me $700 because we pulled it out and installed it at our shop. I would look around for a good well respected Trans. shop (NOT Aamco, or the fast and cheep places) and have someone there drive it and take a look at it. They may cost more but when dealing with the tranny you don't want to be half-assing the job. Good luck to your friend.

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    The same thing happened to me coming off the freeway!

    The car can't be driven because when you put it in any gear it will kill the engine. I thought the noise was from a bad torque converter so I installed a new 1. That helped with the wabbling noise it was making but still would not allow me to put it in gear unless the rear wheels were off the ground. There wasn't any metal shavings in the pan but the fluid was burnt bad and had what looks like specks of black friction materal in it from overheating I think.
    I decided to install a cheap used AOD from a 92 SC yesterday and a 24,000lb Tru-Cool cooler and plugged my rad cooler myself, rather than have a tranny shop have me bent over a barral. I plan to tear the old tranny down to find out what went wrong as well as do some mods, shift kit, etc. and then reinstall it. Since I'm new to the AOD I am reading up on everything about them.
    Lots of luck

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