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Thread: 35th Car Cover, Cleaning Kit and Mats on EBAY !!!

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    Cool Jeez......!

    Why did ya let us have first crack at it? now we gotta compete with the riff-raff. DOH!!!

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    Hi Man

    Sorry, that was a clean up situation on my garage. I'be been out of the SCCoA world for a while and my first though was to put on ebay.

    Cheers and Beers !!!!!


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    J. can I come look in yer garage before you put anything on ebay????? LOL. ya never know, might find an SC in there. or even a 35th!!!! cheers mate, Frank H.

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    Come over

    You're more than welcome Frank, but will be a little bit too hard to find another SC sitting here unless . . . . . . LOL
    We never know .. . .
    Crazy glue is for crazy guys !!!!! LOL

    Cheers and beers Frank, talk to you soon, by the way my mail is always late (just kidding)


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    Direct Offers

    If you have an offer on this items let me know through my email at [email protected]. Thanks

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