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Thread: runs like crap!

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    runs like crap!

    alright, so haven't driven my cougar since i bought it, but i start it up and let it run every now and then..when i leave it run on its own it will die. when i turn the a/c on it just stalls immediately..any thoughts would appreciated...

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    Sounds like the IAC (Idle Air Control) is possibly bad.
    There are a bunch of threads on how to test it.
    Good Luck

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    Check all the SC Intercooler connections for VAC leaks. Reseal everything with (sensor-safe) RTV and see if things improve. If you can pull the fault-codes, that might also help you track down the cause.....

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    ok, update... ran the car for ~30 minutes today.. didn't die once.. when i turned the a/c on the engine would make a clicking sound, go down to about 500 rpm's and then rev back up to 1000. this would happen about every 2 seconds.. with the a/c off it would idle at ~800 rpm's and occasionally go down to 300, start shaking all to hell and then rev back up.. if i got on the gas at all it would do this every time, but if i left it alone it would do it every once in a while.. i tried checking the IAC and from what i read it is fine.
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