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Thread: !!!Need Help!!!

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    !!!Need Help!!!

    Alright, we've got the idle problems fixed. It was the IAC Valve.

    Now, every once and awhile the car will fluctuate madly in power. the RPM gauge flickers all over the place, and it feels like the car is chugging. This continues untill you turn the car off, and then back on.

    We figured it would be the Fuel Pump / Filter, but we replaced both of those and it still does it.

    Also every once in awhile the Tach will stop working completly. It just shuts off. and doesnt return untill the car is refired.

    any suggestions?


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    Joisey Jim Guest
    If yours is an 89-93 SC, then the problem is most likely a bad Cam Sensor Stator (top part of the sensor). You can replace it for about $30.

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    The cam position sensor is the most likely cause of your problems.

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