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Thread: SCp roller rockers

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    SCp roller rockers

    I just tryied ot bolt them on and they don't fit.
    the first one i went to tourque it to the factory speck of 11ft/lbs
    and the bolt snaped off before i even got to 11 ft/lbs, but odly enought the par tht broke off in the head turned out with my fingers so i got looking at the others and they center fulcrum is too tall, when its tightened down the rocker is loose when the vlave is closed and lifter is down.
    so i tried one of the stock rockers and it blots down fine with no problems??????
    whats up with this

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    I ran into the same issue. I originally had those rocker arms on my '89 with no problems. Then I went to install them onto my '92 and 10 of the 12 pedistals were too tall.

    Basically I had to install them all, torqued to spec, then use a feeler guage to find out how much to remove off the pedistals. You also want to preload the lifters to .035" as well. That means meaasuring what you need to take off the pedistal and adding .035" to it.

    Then you have to find a machine shop that has a lathe capable of taking of the material required. That was a bit of a challenge for me. And be prepared to spend some $$ too. I ended up spending around $140 to get that done, just so I could install them on my '92.

    Don't forget to label each one as well. This will make for much easier installation when you get them back from the machine shop.

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    awsome I couldnt find the preload number any were thanks now i can send them out

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5speedxr7
    awsome I couldnt find the preload number any were thanks now i can send them out
    I was able to buy a set that were all milled to the same height for 40 bucks. Link does not work anymore so I dont know if this guy still sells them. I just used shims to get the preload right.

    partnumber for the Crane shims is 99170-1 under $10.

    You could just get them all milled the same amount and use shims to set the preload. The instructions on how to adjust the preload with shims is below.

    This is extracted from the instructions provided by Doug Macmillin with for installing his roller rocker kits. (Doug sells a Roller Rocker Kit and provides great service)

    "From Zero Lash: Take your Torque Wrench and tighten to 15 ft-lbs. Notice position of wrench when starting and when finished … it needs to be between 1/3 to 1-1/8 full turns from the original “ZERO LASH” position, and ideally between 1/2 to3/4 of a turn.

    if it takes less than 1/3 of a turn with no shims, you need LONGER PUSHRODS . "

    or milled pedestals
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