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Thread: Another Maf question

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    Another Maf question

    I did a search and didnt exactly find the answer I need after reading about 4 pages of threads. My question is, I have a 80mm maf housing from a 96 mustang gt. Can I use this housing and my stock electronics? Or will the sample tube be a different size and cause the car to run lean or rich because it isnt using the mustang maf?

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    I'm not sure about using another housing, but I think the sample tube has to be matched to the injectors. Such as, 36# injectors, need 36# sample tube.

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    Short answer - no you can't use this housing w/stock electronics.

    Long answer, the electronics in the MAF sensor relate air flow to voltage, and the measurement of air flow is based on sampling a part of the total air flow (the part that goes through the sample tube). If you change either the size of the sample tube, or the size of the housing, it's no longer accurate. The car could be rich or lean, it might idle poorly, throw codes, etc.

    Aftermarket housings like C&L are designed to have interchangable sample tubes to account for different injector sizes, but stock housings aren't made to be used like this. $150-$200 for a real MAF is a lot cheaper than using the wrong thing and messing up the engine...

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