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Thread: Can you help with front brake question

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    Can you help with front brake question

    I just repaired the front right wheel bearing on my 97 Thunderbird LX. The car has 104,000 miles on it and the wheel bearing needed replacing. I replace the front wheel bearing hub, front rotor and brake pads. I drove the car 50 miles and the brakes worked and felt perfect. After 50 miles I started to hear this awful clicking and grinding noise coming front the right front wheel that I just repaired. The noise was so loud and meancing that I refused to drive the car or move it. I dissablemed the front end and I saw no sign of wear, scraping or metal shavings anywhere on the front rotors, pads, wheel bearing hub. I remove the front wheel bearing hub, inspected for unusal signs of wear and saw nothing that would alarm me. I retorqued the front wbH to 220 ft lbs. The dust shield is not hitting the rotor or tire...the rim is not hitting the caliper and I see not evidence of wear any where. I have taken it apart five times and replaced the bolts holding the rotor on and the wheel bearing hub nut and it still makes this sound. Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreicated!
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    sounds fun

    What happens when you jack the right front wheel up and rotate the tire by hand? Any sounds then?
    Give that bad boy a good kick when its off the ground, does anything vibrate?
    What about the inner fender well, is it rubbing.

    If you're a true masochist you can swap hubs with the left side and see if the sound moves.

    When you do find the problem, you need to put it back together with a new hub nut; they're one time use only and will loosen if re-used.

    good luck

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