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Thread: CID sensor? How much to replace? Please reply...

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    Unhappy CID sensor? How much to replace? Please reply...

    Well, I finally replaced the DIS module, and I know that it isn't what threw my check engine light on. So it has to be the CID. Does anybody know how much a shop charges to replace it?

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    The part itself is around $30 and most parts places have it, but not Autozone. Do it yourself. Its easy and quick. There are 2 7mm bolts holding it on. Well, one might be a tamper resistant torx, but just drill out the nub and remove it; replace with 7mm bolt.
    Oh, and be sure to stuff paper towels or a rag underneath it to catch the bolts when you drop one, or it slips out.

    Remove the SC belt, unplug and tie back wiring harnesses in the way, unbolt the existing sensor, bolt on the new one.

    But note, the CID usually doesn't throw codes. If your car has hard starting and the tach is all over the place or dead while the engine is running, or you've had it suddenly start bucking out of nowhere, then that points to the CID. Check engine means the EEC has a code to offer; might be worth pulling it.

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