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Thread: Non functional ARC

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    Non functional ARC

    Ok guys, I took the arc cover off the driver side, (three clicks/three blinks), took the actuator off, gave her a shot of WD-40, spun the pin. Put the thing all back together, and the firm ride light still blinks three times. What would be the best route to go. Get a new actuator, or are the shocks wasted? Thanks for all the help, Art

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    well-with the actuator off, have someone sit in the car and hit the switch while you watch the actuator and see if it rotates 90 degress-if it doesnt, its the actuator. If it does, then the shock/strut is bad-simple system really. Mike

    btw-if you need an actuator or shock, if you can wait a couple weeks until i get to my home in ny-ill send you either for the cost of shipping. Mike

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    Actually, its more like 30 degrees of rotation.

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