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Thread: Stupid, but need to know poll

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    Dad and Grandad worked for FMC for years. Dad got layed off in the 70's simply because his job was putting steering columns in LTD's, and the big car market was dead. Grandpa was high up enough were he kept his job and eventually retired from ford. It's why we are a ford family.
    Never Cared for Corvettes, however they could eat literally everything I have alive
    I was the whole "buy american" thing untill I started modding a friends little "rice Burner". It's an '89 240sx. Ka24e single cam. We turbo'd it, and the stock 200,000 mile motor has been running on 6 psi for 5 months now. And taken the abuse of a 17 year old driver.
    We are building up another motor for it. It's a ka24de dual cam motor. We got rods and pistons, main studs, and are currently building up the top end and trying to figure out fuel management. But I gotta admit, for the 4 cylinders it has when we are done each one is going to be making around 105 hp. I just can't beleive that. over 400 hp on a 2.4 liter motor. It's crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XR7inWI View Post
    They are BOTH ugly as sin. I wouldn't want either one of them.
    i agree ugly

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