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Thread: Painting engine parts?

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    Painting engine parts?

    I have my engine completely apart and was thinking about paiting some different parts. Mostly the IC tubes, valve covers, and oil pan. I'm wondering what the best kind of paint is, do I need a primer or clearcoat, and how long will it last? Thanks for any help.


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    If you are going to paint the Intercooler tubes I would suggest getting them powder coated and oven baked. That way it will stand up to the heat and it won't flake off.

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    I sanded everything, used some High temp Engine Primer and Paint from Lane Automotive, and I haven't had any problems. The stuff claims to be solvent resistant as well, either way it looks great. I've not seen any peeling or flaking, and for the cost I can't beat it.

    Just my 2 cents


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    when i rebuilt the engine in my Firdbird Formula 350 (before i got tired of GM junk and got my SC) i painted the manifold and the TPI air tubes silver and then clear coated them, man it looked AWESOME.....untill the engine got up to operating temp a few times, then the clear started to yellow , so just a word of caution if i had it to do over again i wouldn't use clear out of a rattle can!....(it's okay though the new owner will probably be takin' it all apart again soon enough to repair whatever breaks next!!)..........NO MORE GM FOR ME!!!

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