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Thread: **Calendar Order Form**

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    austinxtreme512 Guest

    **Calendar Order Form**

    The link at the bottom of the post will lead you to the Order form for the calendars!!! I did it on Microsoft Word 2000 or you can download the pdf file now!!!

    The price will be $22 dollars in US currency ONLY....
    Shipping prices are on the order form, just look at the chart and fill it in where necessary... I ONLY ACCEPT MONEY ORDERS!!!!!

    Sorry the price is SO high, I didnt want them to be like that but since im not making a lot of these calendars, the price Insty-Prints and other printer places gave me, were about all the same amount to make. Insty-Prints turned out to be the lowest price any printer place gave me, so i stuck with them.

    This is my Economic project and it's almost due, money will go to charity, so this is more or less a good cause!! Thanks

    Please email me after you have sent out the money so i can expect it and keep track that you ordered one!!

    Also, if you have any questions, Please feel free to email me
    at <a href="</a>

    Thanks a lot for ya'lls help and dedication. I hope to make an A+ on my project....

    some pics for referance!!!

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    Splicer Guest

    Re: Calendar

    Chris: My e-mail to your yahoo account bounced..... ->

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    austinxtreme512 Guest


    I e-mailed almost EVERYONE on the list, that wanted to buy a calendar!! I hope the link i sent everyone, works!!!

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    forcefed95sc Guest

    Re: **Calendar Order Form**

    the link works for me. I guess I print it out and send in the MO?

    I never got the e-mail.

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    forcefed95sc Guest

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    austinxtreme512 Guest


    I did send you an email, at the 95sc one

    want me to send it again??
    or did you just order one and put it in the mail already?? let me know

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    forcefed95sc Guest

    Re: ..

    I just got the e-mail. and will be sending out the MO on Monday.

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    turbospeed Guest

    Re: **Calendar Order Form**

    i want one! do you thin you can ship it to mexico if no i will send you a po box adress

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    austinxtreme512 Guest


    Im sure i could send to mexico, just drop me an email when you get a chance, thanks!!

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    8ate8 Guest

    Re: ...

    did we have to pre-order these or can i still get one?

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    tbirdsc35th Guest

    Link to Calendar on 35th Registry

    May I put a link to the calendar on the 35th Registry announcements page? Tell me what link you prefer me to use and I can get it up tonight. Maybe this will help you with exposure to the supercoupe calendar. We can see.

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    austinxtreme512 Guest


    8ate8: you can still order them, just send your money in and i shall have them made within the next 2-3 weeks!!!

    tbirdsc35th: Sure you can put this on your website, thanks for the help!!! Just use all links for the order forms and pictures as you need too, cuz all the links are benificial to selling these calendars!! Thanks again for the help!!

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    tbirdsc35th Guest

    Re: ...

    Chris. All done. Please make sure I did everything okay. Just go here, , and let me know if you need me to change anything. Good luck.

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    austinxtreme512 Guest


    VERY NICELY done... looks great to me!! Thanks alot... Do you know how many people go to your site each day. Must be a lot considering you are willing to put it on your website for me, I really appreciate your help and I cant wait to see the FINAL prints of these calendars!!!

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    tbirdsc35th Guest

    Re: !!!

    Thanks, Chris.

    I am not sure the number of hits this site is getting now. This new address doesn't tell me the number of hits. At Geocities, I got up to 2900 hits the first six months. They didn't like me being a freebie. LOL. I think it will get some extra exposure on the website though and I am happy to do it. I think the calendar is a great project and it looks great.

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