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Thread: Anybody Have Steve Griffith's email.

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    ERamos Guest

    Anybody Have Steve Griffith's email.

    I purchased his shorty headers probably goin on 2 years now from Steve. I am finally having somebody do the install and they are telling me the collector is facing the starter on the right side and cannot work. On the fastest SC list with a description of his car he lists these as his mods when he was still in the 13's. I don't know why this guy can't get them to work I have to go check it out tomorrow. I thought they were off of a 96 or so model mustang and modded to fit with the custom downtubes he gave me. I can't find a valid email address in my archives or on the site of Steve's or recent posts. If anybody is maybe familiar with those headers also let me know.

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    Mike Puckett Guest

    Steve's email

    The last I heard Steve was on a cruise, he's a submariner now. It was the last I knew but he didn't answer my last e-mails so I'm not sure it's good. I've been tryuing to get hold of him, too.

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