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Thread: 94 rad in in 89 sc???

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    94 rad in in 89 sc???

    anyone know if a 94 rad will fit into an 89 sc????

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    Umm..i think it should but, then again I am far from an expert. Ed would know best....


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    It will as far as I know but the overflow hose is on the other side so some sort of mod with your hose will need to be done.

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    I just recently swapped my 91 brass triple core rad into the 95 car and the 95 plastic rad into the 91 SC.

    The nipple is on the wrong side- the radman recommended that a rubber hose extension be placed . Secondly, the two bolts that hold the rad do not line up properly. 1 bolt will line up and the other will need 2 B Red Greened. 3rdly the rad fans have different electrical connections and line up slightly differently. The bottom clips do not line up but the top two screws do.

    That is about it. By the way, the plastic tanks cannot be recored so you should place a premium on the brass rads

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    thanks guys

    thanks very much for the info guys, i should be able to cobble something up to make it work. i love this car i just hate all the b.s. that comes with owning it.

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