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Thread: 2 90 Super Coupes + Parts

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    2 90 Super Coupes + Parts In OHIO

    Car# 1: 1990. Red in color, black leather interior, automatic trans. 215,000 miles. This car is driven daily and has been since it was new. I have known this car all of its life and all three of its previous owners, I am #4 . It has typical paint peel on the bumpers and a faded trunk lid and one black rearview mirror with some dents and rust on the quarters. Mechanicly it is sound and still runs great. The trans was rebuilt once and still will get rubber in second on a full throttle shift. It has had 3 sets of head gaskets in its life and DOES NOT NEED THEM NOW . The front suspension was rebuilt 2 or three years ago.The ABS light has been off and on for as long as I have owned it. I have an extra ABS assembly that will go with the car. I would and do drive this car anywhear at any time.

    Car# 2: 1990 Silver in color, dark red leather interior 5 speed trans. 150,000 ? miles This car looks good on the exterior and interior but mechanicly needs help it has a vibration in the rear, halfshaft I think. The first to second and second to third shift are noisy drivable but noisy, new clutch maybe 500 miles ago. Now for the worst low oil pressure and noisy motor, rod knock I think. This one has Ebaugh ( i think i spelled that wrong) springs front and rear and new shocks. Yes adjustable shocks like OE .

    Parts: A lot of parts, blower,a ton of black interior, some glass , trunk lid , Bumpers just to name a few.

    The cars are located in Tiffin Ohio

    Car#1 $1,100.00
    Car#2 and parts $700.00

    I will not sell parts so don't ask... Thanks
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    do you have the seats

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    YES their is a pair of black leather buckets and matching rear folddown with all the hardware to convert to folddown rear if your car was not so equiped.

    Just to make every thing clear I am not interested in selling this stuff part by part. What I would like to see happen is someone to buy both cars and all the extra parts. I know this is not ideal for most people so I will sell one car or the other with parts included.

    ALL this must be sold soon!!!!! I am not seeing much action so I must assume that price is a large factor so give me some advice are my prices to hi???? Make me a offer you will be suprised how flexable I can be offer me a trade you might be suprised. I buy and sell guitars and guitar parts as a hobby (hint hint) great trading material..
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