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Thread: "SC bug"

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    20,948's a sickness and I'm terminal.

    1991 SC AOD 4.2..2.3 Whipple..........10.910 @ 125.61
    2016 SRT Challenger Hellcat.............750 rwhp 720 rwtq

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    Quote Originally Posted by 19TbirdSC91
    how many of you think that the "sc bug" is a true sickness?-lol
    ~"Yeah, the SC-bug must be a mutant virus of the THUNDERBIRD strain. I was infected as a teenager by owning a '55 with a 292 engine. It got worse with my '59, which rode like a truck, and the '64 was heavier than a TANK. The '73 was HUGE and the '80 did NOT feel like a TBird at all! The '86 was VERY comfortable and got me inspired to upgrade to a '93LX with a V8, which I thought was fast . . . until I got the SC. WOW - like a ROCKET!! Yeah, it's DEFINATELY in the BLOOD!"

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    I like that answer............Bird Flu....that works for me.

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    All I can say is that for 6 years I was happy driving a stock SC, and ever since I came onto this website all I can think about is modifying my cars up.

    Its all this damn websites fault......well, the website and all of you headcases on it...

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