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Thread: I need help....any suggestions???

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    Question I need help....any suggestions???

    Hello all!!

    This is my first time in this forum, and the first time I've had questions regarding my SC. I thought my supercharger went out on me a little while ago, but later found out that the problem only pertained to part of the unit. So, I looked at the idler pulley and spun it a little to find that the problem was with the idler pulley and I need new bearings. I went to NAPA auto parts today, and they said that they don't have the part. I went to Pep Boys, and they don't have the part. Keller Ford (dealership) said that it is discontinued and I'd have to buy the whole unit for $3,500!!! I really doubt I need to do that. (I may be a girl, but I'm not stupid!!) Any idea on if I could just get a new pulley and bearings without getting the entire unit??

    I'd appreciate any help I can get. I am not really familiar with SC's, but I loved how it ran when it was working!!!!

    Jamie Lynn

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    I just take a dental pick and carefuly remove the bearing seal and put more grease in the bearing and then push the seal back in place, put it back on the car and no more squeek. The seal is the the little plastic cover over both sides of the bearings unless you burn up the bearing by spinning it without grease, you can repack them and they will last forever. you can buy a new belt tensioner idler pulley , gates makes a good replacement, part number 38023 it is the same one used on the alternator belt tensioner, it is just a little larger diameter and it will give you more tension on your super charger belt to keep it from slipping. or you can get the orignal size but i dont know the number right off the top of my head. just can't keep track of every part number for super coupe's sign of old age LOL. but im sure that guy at pep boys has a book with the number in it and the part on the shelf. Now if your talking about the bearing in the front blower drive it might be best to have magnum powers do a rebuild for you as their could be other damage to the rotors or case.
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