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Thread: 93 SC at Steeltown Ford in selkirk

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    93 SC at Steeltown Ford in selkirk

    Anybody on this forum know anthing about a 93 SC at this ford dealer in Selkirk with 34k miles on it?
    My 95' was stolen a week ago in Toronto (26,000 miles).
    This 93 is a too hopped up for a driver, but wondering more about it?
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    I was looking at it in the Spring, phone the dealer a few times . . . was willing to pay 12,000 he was not willing to move it. The dealerhships owner is the car's owner and in no rush to get rid of it.


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    Paint chips on front hood, fixed with touch up paint. Int. in great shape. clean car but I believe it was at 38000 when I seen it this fall. Oh ya, also has one of those whale fin ? spoilers. Thoses ones that look like a fat C

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