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Thread: Sunroof Sensors??

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    Sunroof Sensors??

    My sunroof works but when I go to close it from being slid all the way back it just doesn't stop - it goes right into the flipped up position - I need to play with the button to get it level with the roof to be closed. I also noticed that my sunroof slide panel is missing (would this mean someone already had this apart). And sometimes my sunroof will open a bit unevenly when I vent it instead of open it. What would cause these types of things??? What should I look at replaceing to have it work properly.

    Thanks in advance.

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    These are not serviced as a separate item from Ford. And a complete new motor is VERY expensive. So my suggestoin would be to locate a used sunroof motor complete, or maybe someone has just the sensors they will sell by themselves.

    Ed Nicholson

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