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Thread: Koni or Bilstein Struts

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    Question Koni or Bilstein Struts

    I am in need of struts in a bad way. While I am there I will also install lowering springs. Eibach is my choice for springs but I have yet to decide on struts. Anyone running Koni or Bilstein with Eibach springs? I am a former oval track racer and love to eat up the corners, the koni's seem to be the strut of choice because they are adjustable. How hard are they to adjust? Do the bilsteins handle well.

    Thanks to all who respond,

    Mitch Kendall

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    Koni's and eibachs

    Chris Mendola's car is equiped with Koni shocks and Eibach springs. I have personally driven it under street and highway circumstances utilizing various settings on the shocks and must say I was quite pleased with the performance of this combination. Though I havent any formal oval track experience, my ludicrous street driving at certain times and circumstance tells me this is a very well performing setup.

    P.S. Eibach makes two sets of springs that fit our application. One of them is a 1.5" drop and the other is 1.25" drop. Both are the same springs rate. Drop me a line if you are interested in the 1.25" set. I have decided not to drop my bird at this time due to the poor roads in N.Y.C. and am placing my 1.25" eibachs for sale.
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    I just put some Konis in the rear only of my SC, to replace a dying pair of Tokico Illumina 2s. I'm going to do the front over the winter, they're not as bad as the rears were. In retrospect, I should have gone with Konis instead of the Tokicos when we did shocks + Eibach springs a few years ago, I didn't realize that I'd be leaving them on the "FIRM" setting 95% of the time. Like you, I have a racing background (Solo I, then some sprint and endurance road-racing, mostly in 5.0 Mustangs), and enjoy cranking it up the on and off ramps. I always had good results with Konis in the race car, and the pair I have in the SC now seem good. Looking forward to having all 4 in next year.

    Ed Nicholson

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    It has been posted here several times that the Tokico shocks just do not work well with the Eibach springs. I believe Tokico usually sells them in a package with their springs. Biggest difference between the Tokico and Eibach springs is that the Tokico's are linear rate and the Eibach's are variable rate. Having said that, I don't think the Illumina's are necessarily bad shocks, but have gotten a bad rap because many people pair them with the Eibachs. Also, I have ridden in and driven an SC with the Eibach/Koni combination and was pleased with the results. The ride is very firm without shaking your fillings out. Good luck whatever you choose to go with.

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