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Thread: Cooling fan fusible link

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    Cooling fan fusible link

    I while back I fried the cooling fan motor, and also the wire bundle that holds the fusible link for the fan motor. The fusible link connects to a much thicker guage wire. Because the fusible link wire burnt so bad, I have almost nothing left I can solder the fusible link to. I can get the solder to stick to the larger wire running back down to the engine. George D had a photo of how he re-did all the wires in the bundle before, but I can not find that post. Sorry this post is so vague. If anyone has ever replaced that fusible link you may know what wires and problems I am running into.. Can anyone help me out with how I should go about getting the fusible link soldered to the other wire..

    Thanks, Tom

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    I found the link/picture I was looking for.... It appears I need a bigger soldering gun to preform this work....

    If anyone has anything to add please post..

    Thanks Tom

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