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Thread: Anyone dealt with Tyler McWaid.....

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    z90sc Guest

    Anyone dealt with Tyler McWaid.....

    from Lacey,Wash.I and one other person,that I know of,ordered and payed for ported exhaust manifolds from him back in Feb.After numerous calls/emails we have no answers, no manifolds,no nothing.Anyone else had any dealings w/ this guy?

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    Ryan got boost Withers Guest

    Re: Anyone dealt with Tyler McWaid.....

    damn i wish i would of read this earlier
    i paid him a while back and sent the manifolds out a week ago
    well see if i get them if not what can we do also im from snohomish,washington and its about an hour and a half drive for me so if need be i can go down there if this isnt resolved
    and see whats going on...also is there anything legal we can do?

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    Ryan got boost Withers Guest

    Re: Anyone dealt with Tyler McWaid.....


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    tbird88 Guest

    Keep the law in your corner

    Not sure how it works in Washington or other states but, in Texas, if anyone runs out've options and winds up havin' to go to a seller's hometown to settle a debt it's advisable to drop by the local Sherriff's office. You can go by the Police station but by all means visit the Sherriff also. Let them know what you are up to and if you play your cards right a Deputy (or Constable) will accompany you to the seller's location. Deputies love it when you notify them instead of takin' matters into your own hands because it's not only flattering but shows respect for the office, somethin' they don't always get from people.

    Chances are if you approach the Deputies right with a clear explanation and facts, hopefully you'll soon be leaving the seller's house with the debt settled somewhat calmly.
    Good luck.


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    Ryan got boost Withers Guest

    Re: Keep the law in your corner

    thanks for the advice
    just waiting to see if i get my manifolds back
    also to you other guys have you gotten yours
    or do you need me to see about yours too
    let me know

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    GreenBirdLX Guest

    Mail fraud.

    First, It's illegal for him to cash your MO or check before he ships the parts back to you.

    Second, because you sent stuff through the mail, he is guilty of mail fraud which is a FEDERAL OFFENCE. I suggest you Contact the FBI in your area.

    Here is some reading for you:

    I think his result is on page 11.

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