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Thread: last question regarding Seals! (I hope)

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    Smile last question regarding Seals! (I hope)

    Hello all.

    FYI (if you haven't read my recent posts): I lost a seal for my supercharger (for the bearings) that was located on the nose drive under the idler pulley.

    NAPA auto parts told me that a company called "Magna" highly recommends me getting a whole new kit to replace it for $100, plus a few days of shipping and handling. The man I'm working with from NAPA told me that he can order me a seal that fits my bearings for less than $20, and my supercharger will be ready as soon as they assemble it today. I said, "Why would I pay the $100 for it if I can do it for $20?" He said that it is more likely that the seal that he can order will come off than the actual seal from the manufacturing company.

    My question you think a seal that NAPA can order for me would come off easily? I mean, if the seal fits right, then it should work just like the seal from the manufacturing company, I would think. But, I'm not the expert, so that's why I'm asking the opinion of those of you who may know a little more!!!


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    You keep saying idler pully on the nose of the blower. It's a little confusing because the information conflicts. The idler pulley keeps tension on the belt and is not attached to the blower, the blower drive pully is on the blower.

    Could you be talking about the dust cover on the idler pulley between the bolt and the pulley? These pieces will be bone yard only although lots of people use aftermarket pulleys without the dust cover.

    Hope this helps.

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