Well, it looks like I'll be swapping my rotor pack myself. I don't mind doing it, but hadn't planned on being the one to do it. As we all know, plans change. Anyhow, I am swapping late model coated rotors into my MPII. I have searched and found posts detailing similar swaps, but I feel they go into more detail and work than is needed for my situation (baking/freezing/pressing parts) and therefore I don't know which components of the process I need to follow and which ones are not necessary. I say this b/c I don't believe I need to replace any bearings/seals as my blower has only 75 miles on it since the MPII conversion/rebuild. SO, what I need to know is what do I have to do to merely swap the rotor pack/gear plate assembly? Do I need to replace any seals while doing this? (I'm working on a 75-mile old rebuild.)

Thanks in advance.