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Thread: !@^@#!# Car was stolen today =(

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    dode Guest

    !@^@#!# Car was stolen today =(

    In broad daylight from work in front of a small office building in Kansas car and my stereo are gone. I will offer a reward to anyone with information leading to the return of my property. If anyone sees my baby, please help me out.


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    turbospeed Guest

    Re: !@^@#!# Car was stolen today =(

    im sorry for the car man i hate thieves :S if you get the guys beat the @#%$ out of them did i mention i hate thieves

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    Odeon Kreel Guest

    damn thieves

    Sorry to hear about your loss John.

    Can you post some more details here. Location where it was stolen, tag #....

    I live down in OP, but get to drive all over town, I can keep an eye out. Every time I see a T-bird or Cougar I do a double take to see what mods have been done and if it is a worthy race candidate.

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    BlueThunder90 Guest

    Re: !@^@#!# Car was stolen today =(

    Sorry to hear that man

    On a funny note you said my "car and stereo" are gone...did you think they'd leave the stereo on the ground? :lol:

    Sorry man, couldn't resist

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    FordPOWER INC Guest


    u beat me to it blue thunder
    granted im sure he was saying how much $$$ and stuff is invested in the car. That sucks man, don't worry an SC'er near u will keep an eye out. Plus with thoes rims its pretty distinctive. When u find them beat the @#%$ outta them, god i hate car theives.


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    Todd Jelle Guest

    Re: lol

    Was this an SCed 89 or 90 or later model XR7 or what, I'm in CO & aways notice MN12s. Good luck...Hope some can help with eyes open.

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    pdennis93 Guest

    Re: lol

    judging by what i know about cougars (had a 91 ls) im pretty sure thats a 91-92 ls.. with a black grille (ls's had silver stock)

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    ilusnforc Guest

    Re: cougar

    dode, your profile has no email or location. let us know some info so we can help keep a lookout and be able to contact you

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