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Thread: 90' T-Bird SC. Help me?

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    Sounds to me like you took it to the wrong mechanic.

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    don't pay the 400 if he didn't fix it then he did do nothing. i sisters car would do that i am try to remember what the problem was i know its a sencer but i can't remember which one it is cause we took her car everywhere to get fix and replace alot of stuff but if didn't stop so my uncle bought it and with in a week it was running right so i have to ask him what it was so i get back to you on this tomorrow

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    You need to try replacing the plugs and wires? Always start with a full tune up when you buy a used car. No excuses.

    Sometimes when you have bad plugs/wires it can cause your symptoms. Also try cleaning your MAF, the metal thing next to your air box. Try the easy stuff before you start throwing money at it.

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    I have a '90 T-Bird that had the same sort of problem you describe.

    As I would drive along, the car would start this bucking bronco crap that felt like it was going to break the transmission. Very intermittent. Flooring it, or pulling it down a couple of gears to increase the RPM would of course lessen the jerking.

    I pulled to the side of the road one day while it was doing its thing and wiggled the wire loom right beside the cam sensor. This is in the middle of the engine at the front, between the super charger nose, and DIS module. A couple of these wires go on down to the crank sensor, a couple go to the cam sensor, and several plug into the DIS module. Cam sensor is the little stubby thing that would be a distributor in a normal 3.8L or 4.0L V-6. It's tucked handily beneath the super charger pulley nose where it feels protected. So, when pulling on these wires, the engine started running smoothly again, and would run rough again with continued manipulation of the harness.

    Since the cam sensor is easiest to change, thatís what I did first, and the car has not acted up in like a year since. I bought the cam sensor at the local Shucks for about $15 as I remember. Try this, should only take you 15 minutes as it is one plug, and 2 8-32 screws that hold it. Hope this helps.

    Also, I had a 1991 SC that did a little bit of bucking once it was up to speed, and cruising along. Kind of a "mild" version of the above problem. But, this was a simple fix because the engine trouble codes indicated that it was a right side Oxygen sensor, and replacing it resolved the problem.

    Bert Brown

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