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Thread: Ladies and Gentlemen... Jason Marsh has left the building

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    jasonLmarsh Guest

    Ladies and Gentlemen... Jason Marsh has left the building

    As of June 1st I'm no longer an SC'er. I've sold my long time pride and joy red 93 SC this week. I got a little teary eyed driving it that last mile and thinking about all the good and bad times I had with it. Thinking about all the blood, sweat, and tears I poured into it, not to mention the thousands of manhours I put in too. As a daily driver my SC has seen tons of miles (170k) It's seen many, MANY mods over the years and that all has taken the ultimate toll on it's everyday driveability.

    With my schedule being packed full running 2 businesses, doing my day job, teaching and training in Taekwondo, and trying to have some sort of a social life, I just dont have the time to constantly be working on a car that I can't even rely on to get me to the next state and back. It was getting to the point where I was fixing something literally EVERY WEEK! I will still pop in from time to time and I will still be happy to sell new headlights to anyone who wants to buy them from me.

    I've made lots of cool friends here over the years and some people I've met here have gone on to become really good friends even after they lost interest in SC's and sold them. I'm sure I'll miss this place too much and have to return eventually, but for now I'm outta here. Wish me well, and good luck to you all. Here's one last shot of the bird, I pray she gets a good home with the new owner.

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    Darryl OKeefe Guest

    Re: Ladies and Gentlemen... Jason Marsh has left the buildin

    Sad to hear you've let her go...Best of luck with whatever else you pick up


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    uniqueredsc Guest

    Re: Ladies and Gentlemen... Jason Marsh has left the buildin

    Good Luck Jason and maybe one of these day's,u can teach my son a little bit.He's on yellow belt now.Best of luck to you.

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    chuck93sc Guest

    Re: Ladies and Gentlemen... Jason Marsh has left the buildin

    jason ,
    i have enjoyed talking with you and hanging out on the internet the last several years
    there's no doubt that you have the hot rod disease and will be packing a new ride soon
    you've always been a good friend and willing to help out anyone with just about any problem they may have had
    you will be missed, the sccoa light is going to be a little dimmer without you around
    good luck with all your future endeavors
    your friend ,chuck

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    Scott Long Guest


    I'm sure you told the new owner about SCCoA and that they are getting a hard to find limited production sport coupe. Hope to see your bird around here with a new owner, hopefully an enthusiast. I didn't realize you had so many miles on it, wow. My 90 has 182k and now blew the original head gaskets. Its been a good car, will be better when I fix it up. Best of luck to you. If I get that bike (GSX-R 1000) I'll have to get in touch with you about some of the internet clubs for them. Take care.

    your friend,

    Scott Long

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    mannysc Guest

    dude never got to meet you you still coming to calif

    I still want to meet you we will feel the loss still laught at your coffee can exh pics lol

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    onequiksc Guest

    Sad day indeed

    I will surely miss seeing you around Jason. You are a class act and a have helped so many here over many years time.Best of luck in all you do.

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    Damon Slowpoke Baumann Guest


    Hmmm Get an Aprilia RSV Mille...Vtwin..Powerful..Fast great handling..TORQUE MONSTER....:O)

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    bondlaroc Guest

    Good Luck Jason

    Sorry to see u go but it is understand able, good luck in with whatever u drive next.

    Peace, Dillon

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    Best of luck Jason

    Jason me and you had our differences
    But your still a great guy in my book I bet it was hard selling that beautiful SC of yours

    Wish you the best Jason :-)

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    Thomas A Guest

    Re: Best of luck Jason

    Where have all the cowboys gone??

    Jason, man, were all going to miss you around here. At least I got to meet you at Nationals last year. Best of luck with everything you do. Talk to you later.


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    tbirdsc35th Guest

    Re: Ladies and Gentlemen... Jason Marsh has left the buildin

    Jason. I wish you well. Still would be great to meet you. You were great when we "talked" and I hope one day to at least say hi. Best of luck to you in whatever endeavors you undertake. Be well. My best to you and your family.

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    pdennis93 Guest

    Re: Best of luck Jason

    jason, sorry to hear you let it go. hopefully sometime in the future you'll pick up another one..
    Do you have any plans to come to the nationals? id love to meet up with you again.

    good luck and have fun.

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    Kurt Sunday Guest

    Re: Best of luck Jason

    He'll be back

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    SC Ward Guest

    Re: Best of luck Jason

    Just say it aint so, Jason, [but i know it is].

    You & Dan were the first SC guys i met, and you have been a lot of help with my SCs, and remain a good bud. My bet is you'll be back in an SC sooner or later.

    It's been fun having a good OKC core group, helping host the Nationals and all. OK SCers definitely will be diminished without your enthusiasm and natural leadership.

    Will & Joey gone, now Jason, Dan's car up for sale; Steve not online much, might get kinda lonesome around here.

    Lance, Steve, Dan, Chris Ray, let's go do Mid America Shelby Meet.

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