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Thread: My "back-up" car is a...

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    joenintiesc Guest

    My "back-up" car is a...

    1998 Ford Escort SE (automatic). It's actually my girlfriend's new, first car. She is nice enough to let me borrow it when my daily driver SC is down...

    Unfortunately, there was no driver's manual with the car... Anybody know which years were the same for this model? More importantly, anyone know of any cheap, easy perfromance mods tha can be done to the engine? It's nice and roomy in there, everything laid out and easy to get to. Looks like it will be fun to do stuff in there! What to do, though? Anyone familiar with this particular Escort model?


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    Scott Long Guest


    These are my toys:

    And this is my daily driver:

    Sorry but I don't know much about Escorts, check around at junk yards, the ones here have boxes full of owners manuals for all kinds of cars.


    1993 Audi quattro 5-speed
    1992 Thunderbird SC 5-speed
    1990 Thunderbird SC auto

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest

    91 s-10 blazer

    with a (you guessed it) 4.3

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    Re: 91 s-10 blazer

    I think you can get a new owners manual from Helms on the web, if not from a dealer.

    And if this is some sort of poll, My daily driver/back up car/salt ride is.......(sin of sins) A 1994 Thunderbird SC. The toy is an ASC Mclaren 5.0_SC.

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    90tsc Guest

    Re: 91 s-10 blazer

    My back up(and now daly driver) is a 91 I scrooed you trooper 5 speed 4X4 and hate every minute of it.

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    Pastera Guest

    Re: My "back-up" car is a...

    My back up is a 96 cavalier, bought new. Guess what - the piece of @#%$ blew a HG at 36500. The only reason Chevy fixed it was the 95's where recalled on HGs and I had receipts for every service.
    If you think the SC is bad here is a list of what went wrong
    <100 miles - horn died
    <1000 miles - car randomly dies (acts like a crank sensor) chevy says I'm stalling it even though it dies on the highway
    ~10K - ignition module dies and head light fills up with water
    ~20K - main computer dies, caliper goes and takes the rotor with it
    36K - head gasket
    37k - air conditioning dies, thermostat dies

    I put 37K on the car in about 15 months and it had mobil 1 from 500 miles. I would have to say it is the worst car I have owned except it was under warranty for most of the repairs


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    XR7 Dave Guest

    Re: My "back-up" car is a...

    My daily driver is a 90 SC, and when it has trouble I have a backup of an 89 SC and when it has trouble I have another 89 SC and when it has trouble I cry alot.

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    Pastera Guest

    Re: My "back-up" car is a...


    You can stop bragging - I'm jealous


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    Mike8675309 Guest

    Re: My "back-up" car is a...

    Hmm, 1989 Ford Ranger 4x4 and:

    The Wife's rig...:
    98 Durango

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    WBK96 Guest

    Re: My "back-up" car is a...


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    Larry Griggs Guest

    Re: My "back-up" car is a...

    a four year old pair of Nike's.

    Now my wife has a '95 Dodge Dakota with the 5.2L V-8 (and I'm going broke trying to keep tires on the back wheels).

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    matt89sc Guest

    Re: My "back-up" car is a...

    My other car is a 1980 Trans Am. The N/A 301 gets me 16 MPG, with the stock exhaust, and a dirty quadrajet. But you can't beat paying $23.00 for a set of Accel plug wires!

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    92bird Guest

    Re: My "back-up" car is a...

    2000 Ford Ranger XLT flareside. Its 2wd, regular cab, 3.0L v6, 5 speed and factory chrome wheels!

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    Scott Long Guest


    I paid $23.00 for some OEM ford wires, well not FORD wires, but OEM identical wires. I got them off ebay, brand new in the box. $23.00 shipped to my door. Not bad, dealer wanted $85.00


    1992 Thunderbird SC 5-speed
    1990 Thunderbird SC auto
    1993 Audi quattro 5-speed

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    tbird88 Guest

    Re: My "back-up" car is a...


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