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Thread: ET #11 1990 SC Thunderbird For Sale/Parts

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    ET #11 1990 SC Thunderbird For Sale/Parts

    This is Neil Frisbee’s old car (Fastest ET #11) which I am selling for my father, who bought it off of Neil. I prefer to sell the car whole, but if there is no interest in the vehicle after 2 weeks (beginning 3/23/06) then I will begin to part out the car.
    Miles: 95,000
    Exterior: Red
    Interior: Black
    Location: Toledo, Ohio
    Asking: $2,000 OBO

    I will try to post pictures this weekend.

    Vehicle Issues:
    Currently the vehicle is running, but is unable to accept boost. Once boost is achieved the motor detonates. Enough time and money has been spent on the car and my father does not care to work the issue out.
    The front bumper and hood are damaged do to collision with a sign. This is strictly cosmetic damage. All of the steering and suspension components are in perfect working order.

    Aside from these issues the car is in perfect working condition.

    Parts Installed:

    ARP bolts Throughout
    Eagle H-Beam Rods on Stock Crank
    Arias Forged Pistons
    Custom Ground Roller Camshaft
    Roller Rockers
    Custom Ported Heads With Stainless Steel Valves
    Magnuson Ported Blower (rectangular inlet port), With Installed Pulley Achieves 15psi
    Shorty Headers
    Full Borla Exhaust System
    Custom Made Intercooler (two stock intercoolers welded together with slot on driver’s- side for dry-ice) Intercooler retains all stock plumbing.
    70mm BBK Throttle Body
    Vortech Mass Air-Flow Sensor
    The motor received fresh bearings and rings 1000 miles ago before it began acting up.

    Two Sets of Stock Wheels- One pair has a set of Mickey Thompson Sportsman rear tires bolted to them.
    Ford AOD with Shift Kit, Upgraded Shafts, Clutch Pack, and Gear Set Built to Support 650 ft-lb of torque.
    Stallion 2400RPM Stall Converter
    Stock IR with Track-Lock
    4.10 Gear

    The car is red.
    The front fenders and the rear deck lid are faded.
    The only rust on the car is a small patch of surface rust on the passenger-side front fender, and on the hood where the damage was done from the sign.
    All the glass is good.

    The interior is black, and is in good condition.
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    i'll take the exhaust if you don't sell the car whole.

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    Where is the car?
    They don't call me "SLOWPOKE" for nothin!
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    I love the filter. Its pimp. paper element and 10Mircron filtration, 12" long cause size matters.

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    The car is located in Toledo, Ohio.

    Google Map:,11.195068

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    Im interested in the intercooler and the roller rockers if u part it out. Let me know!! Thanks Chad

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    I would be interested in the heads and maybe the entire longblock if you deside to part out.

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    You have PM

    You have a PM on this. You can also email me at

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    Car Sold

    I have sold the car. Thanks for your interest in the vehicle.

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