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Thread: Looking at an '89 SC for $800. Please advise.

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    Looking at an '89 SC for $800. Please advise.

    Hey guys! I'm new, and proud of it.

    To cut right to the chase, I'm looking at a 1989 T-Bird SC 5 speed that's been sitting in a yard dormant for about a year and a half. It has not moved at all, so the tires have deteriorated and the front left is flat.

    The body on the car is still in good shape. There is minor rust and the paint is fairly cracked up, but I'm not worried about cosmetics right now. When I first looked at the car I was not expecting it to be anything beyond a standard T-Bird. After I lifted the hood I was happily greeted by a big fat super charger. The engine bay is fairly clean despite all of the spider webs and cracked belts, but what would you expect?

    The interior is pretty loaded overall with power moonroof, dual power leather seats w/lumbar (leather is pretty bad), digital driver information center, and tons of other stuff I can't recall right now.

    The factory rims are still in perfect condition too. Overall the car is a project, and will need some good TLC to make look great again. The guy wanted about $1,000 for the car, but said he would take any offer. I'm thinking about offering him $700 at first, and if he doesn't go for that then $800.

    Does this sound like a good deal? Is there anything I should really be watching out for with the car sitting so long? I'm currently driving a Grand Marquis landyacht and really need something a bit more efficient.


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    Look for rodent damage in the wiring.
    Otherwise look for the same things you would on any SC - leaks, motor mounts, engine noise, etc.


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