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Thread: just bought a black 1990 sc

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    Thumbs up just bought a black 1990 sc

    Whats up ppl i just joined the club.15bucks cant beat that.I also just bought a black 1990 sc and it was love at first drive. its in great shape and i bought it from my friends dad for 1000bucks.i test drove it about 3 weeks ago and i loved it. i ordered some performance parts for it the next day. It has an 86mm MAF,drag pipes,Cold air intake,splitfire 8mm wires. i bought clear corners to. the car runs great, execpt for a little oil leak. that will be fixed when i pull the motor out. i live in sarasota,FL and was wondering if any one could give me some info about any meetings or events in that area.


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    Welcome to the club. Go to the Fla forum to meet & greet the locals. We are an active bunch and there are a few members on your side of the state. Jake, Brad, Jeremy and a few others. We have a meet in a few weeks, look under the Blanchard Park thread. Again, welcome to the madness!

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