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Thread: SC Collage picture, and webpage update

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    Tazer999 Guest

    SC Collage picture, and webpage update

    Well here is the collage I am still working on, it is getting nice and big for my garage.

    As for my webpage, I have more pictures in the stereo section of the sound proofing in the car, and I managed to get some pics of my exhaust, maybe I will put pics up of other performance and exterior/lighting things tonite

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    johnny o Guest

    Re: SC Collage picture, and webpage update

    Can you post a jpg of that car in the very bottom right here?

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    Tazer999 Guest

    Re: SC Collage picture, and webpage update

    Here is an alternate view of it

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    FordPOWER INC Guest

    this guy i know

    this guy i know has a red 90 dropped about 2 inch lower then jason's silver bird with 18 inch versions of thoes rims. I bet u would like a pic of thoes eh ryan???

    it looks dumb actaully, plus i hate the guy who drives it. He bought it off my buddy jay and he's trashing it. he's a 19 year old wanna be thug who slangin coke and making lots of money. He's had the SC like 6 months and crashed it like a couple times and beats it within a inch of its life every day..

    sorry lol i really hate that guy

    i'll try to get a pic


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    Mickey94Bird Guest


    man where is my car? lol
    i bet u my car don't look like anyone elses there
    so what u waiting for print it out i got plenty of pics
    i would be honored tho ....

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    FordPOWER INC Guest

    hey ryan

    whos pic is in the top left???

    can u post a larger one???


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    Tazer999 Guest

    Re: hey ryan

    Uhh, I am pretty sure that is Tony Serno's, but I can't remember where I got his pic from to print it. Check the calendar picture submission post if it is still up, it should have it somewhere.

    Mickey: I never knew where any of your pics were, next tiem I update the collage I will throw in a 4x6 of yours. I just need to get a bigger frame made, hehe

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    jpaitala Guest

    Re: hey ryan

    Hopefully you get more photos soon!!! Would be very nice to see more photos of your car....

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    SCandelous95 Guest

    Re: hey ryan

    dude, that car is bling! bling!

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    Nettlesd Guest

    Re: hey ryan

    Top left picture is Tony Serno's award winning car. I believe a picture of his car is in his signature when he posts.

    Tony, Tony, award winning car, always looking good because he doesn't travel far.

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